Last Updated on December 10, 2022 by Brian Beck

In a previous blog I mentioned that September is the MOST important month out of the entire year as it sets the stage for the next spring. The reason for this is because the next month, October is typically the first month that we have a hard freeze. Not always lately but normally. During the month of October the available light diminishes which limits photosynthesis which in turn signals the plant to switch its attention to the roots. The cooler night and lowered high temperatures furthers this transition into dormancy but the soil, the microbes and the roots are still quite active and this is where they set their stage for the next year, that is IF the soil is properly hydrated. This is also coincides with people shutting off their irrigation, enter the Weather Bender. We discussed this on one of our previous blogs: . Extending the irrigation season allows the roots to properly prepare for spring. This is a crucial step in proper turf management. Around early December the lines must be blown out and it is hose time, watering about every two weeks on days above 40 degrees. Watering deep in a soil that is high in carbon   will allow the soil to hold more water. A soil that has healthy amounts of fungi will be naturally aerated so it will allow the water to penetrate the soil more readily. Whenever the high temps are above 50 degrees the lack of water will take it’s toll. To keep the soil properly hydrated for the roots and the microbiology so it does not become water resistant (hydrophobic) and also to stave off the mite populations that like south facing sunny spots, the soil must remain in state of hydration. As a rule, if we do not get 6-12″ of snow in a 10 day period you should be watering as soon as conditions permit. The more consistent you are with this process the earlier the lawn will green up and the less pain you will experience in the catch up game of spring hydration where most lawns are in decline due to not being watered for 6-7 months. So, if you love your lawn drag out that hose and let life begin!