Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

In our quest to continue innovating, we have recognized a rather troubling event that we started noticing a few years ago and it is getting worse. We have noticed a trend that is affecting you, your watering schedule during the growing season and the occurrence of what we call, “The Water Stress Cycle”. Here is how it goes. We have noticed over the better part of the last decade that the Falls are getting warmer and drier. The yearly action of turning off the irrigation system right in the middle of the most crucial time of the year, when the lawn is going dormant is causing a lot of problems. This is the most important time of the year for the lawn as it dictates what happens in the following spring and when you tamper with this process you are inviting a lot of ugliness the following spring. It is important to put the lawn to bed so to speak in a healthy state and most people are suffering a self inflicted gun shot wound, much like putting a bear to hibernation without the fall binge. they might not make it to the next spring in a good state of health. We have a solution and over the past two years we have been putting a stop to this needless stress and helping to encourage a strong finish to the year and a hopeful beginning to the following spring. It is called the Weather Bender which now allows us to blow out the irrigation systems (without damage) after Thanksgiving, giving the lawns a much needed boost and escape from the usual routine. It is inexpensive and a step towards a strategy that we have of eliminating stress in the landscape with proper hydration. Call us now and escape another year of stress.