Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

September is the most important month for the lawn. Let me explain. This is typically the last month where temperatures exist that can produce change. Once the first freeze occurs several things happen, the microbes go dormant, transpiration stops, photosynthesis stops and germination is impossible. The irrigation gets shut down and typically there is a long time (usually 6 to 7 months) of the lawn not getting hydrated. What is not seen is that well into the winter there is a lot of activity where the roots are preparing for the next spring, IF there is adequate moisture. Typically there is not and come May when lawns are supposed to hit the ground running when conditions reverse, there is a mandatory action to play catchup as the lawn is usually in a high state of stress not to mention the presence of mite damage and winterkill. These conditions all of which can be avoided with some small actions cost a lot of time and money which can be utilized elsewhere. Let us show you how to do this, we can help.