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Let’s face it, we as Americans put pleasure ahead of work most of the time. We want to feel good, sometimes at the expense of things that are solid, foundational and regimen. People typically do not like work and discipline. There is a lot of psychology surrounding the American lawn, both good and bad. We are going to address some of the bad today. All too often people expect immediate results, almost unnatural results because of an ill-formed preconceived notion that is based on tradition, habit, myth and sometimes superstition. We adopted a biological program a few years ago because we recognized that the side effects and expense that synthetic lawn takes to maintain (see our blog on this). Today people want a green lawn seemingly at an extra cost, almost like paying $75 for a hamburger when you can get a really great one for $20. People want fast immediate results without any work that masks problems and looks good, even if they are using a self defeating system. In other words, a lot of people want a Chia Pet. You know, those dime store gimmick plants that you see in the impulse isle right before you check out? Just add water, spread the seed and laugh for a couple weeks. I don’t think you see any bonsai discipline approaches to the chia pets. I doubt you will see any 5 or ten year old Chia Pets. The benefits and results of a biological lawn are well documented as well as their costs as compared to a synthetic lawn. In other words, a biological system takes a little work, primarily  to overcome all of the bad habits and damage caused by synthetics. Synthetics really are for people that want an easy lawn, they want a Chia Pet. Biological lawns require discipline but discipline equals freedom in the end and the beautiful end result of a biological lawn is that the expense gets reduced and you get to experience a lawn that can succeed despite you.  Read more at:


The “Formula” of what you are Losing C+W(30%)+A+P=T