Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

In our journey towards a better method of making lawns look awesome we have identified some keys points that are inherent with our system and what they do for our customers. These discoveries are based on the premises of these factors:

  • We have poor soils that are inorganic (low in carbon), alkaline due to our and climate and are hostile in nature towards the grass in which we are attempting to grow.
  • Water is a poorly managed resource in Colorado with it’s over-allocation, water rights and mal-distribution and subsequently expensive.
  • The use of synthetics, while being a modern miracle of mankind are taking a toll on the soil, sterilizing it and the microbial life that should be in it.
  • Once you abandon synthetics and heal the soil by introducing carbon and reintroducing healthy populations of microbial life you can begin to have the soil work for you rather than against you.
  • Because of our dependency on synthetics much of the energy of maintaining a lawn is being wasted on byproducts of it’s use such as core aeration, thatch control, weed control and unnecessary water usage and  waste.

Once these issues are acknowledged and addressed we have discovered that these things will happen:

  • Introduction of carbon provides the energy for microbial life and increases the soils ability to hold water.
  • With increased biological activity organic matter is digested into the lawn, controlling thatch and allowing air, water and nutrients into the lawn.
  • With increased biological activity  the soil will be naturally aerated with no need for mechanical intervention.
  • With increased biological activity the plant can gather nutrients via the fungal soil web and bacteria populations in the soil.
  • With increased biological activity the plant can absorb atmospheric nitrogen from the sky and turn it into a usable form of nitrogen.
  • With increased nutrient from the full spectrum of essential and beneficial elements the plant can fully take advantage of it’s biological functions increasing water uptake, water conservation, disease resistance, heat and cold tolerance and increased energy utilization and storage from photosynthesis.

If you want things to change and improve you need to change and improve the things that you do. Once these occur than you can begin to have less stress owning a lawn  as the lawn will be much more independent from human intervention.