Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

If you want to spare yourself a ton of grief read on.

A few years ago we had a catastrophe happen with one of our customers.  Almost everything that could go wrong  a lawn did. It wasn’t necessarily anything that we were doing, it was more about what we were not doing or more specifically what we did not know what to do. I was encouraged to call an agronomist and that changed my business forever. We immediately ran a soil test to see what was going on. Providing information that I had from an hour long discussion with the customer made a big difference. I spent 22 minutes going over that soil test and learned more in that time than the last two years combined. It was eye opening and we went from guessing to being able to pinpoint problems and save ourselves and our customers a lot of time and money. Just throwing down some fertilizer is a poor way to approach any lawn and sometimes you are simply spinning your wheels in ignorance. Look at it like this would you wait until you are 45 years old to have a blood panel? This is exactly what most people are doing with their lawn. Spend a little bit of money and it will pay you pay ten fold, I promise.