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“Hey Brian, this sounds a little out of character of you”, I’m sure I will hear. Hold on until I finish the rest of the story because there is more to it. I’m actually an All-American kid, played football, Eagle Scout, served in the Air Force and on foreign soil during Desert Storm when I was 19, married my high school sweetheart and have run a business since 1995. So where did I go wrong? You know, hanging out with the wrong people, peer pressure, doing what everyone else was doing. But, I had good intentions. I was trying to make my customers lawns better. Wait, what? I am speaking about using synthetic fertilizers amongst other things. I liken them to steroids and methamphetamines. They have a narcotic effect that people are used to but come with a price. Those costs come in the form of side effects, core aeration, power raking, excessive watering, weeds, etc. You see there are two routes to a green lawn, the quick fast way that is actually the one with a lot of hidden secrets that cost in the end and there is the biological method that uses biology rather than inorganic chemistry to get nutrients into the plant. There is a price to be paid for man made chemicals and it costs a lot of money over time. If your lawn is costing too much money maybe you should take a look at another method. For more information, read my other blog that will shed some more light on this:

The “Formula” of what you are Losing C+W(30%)+A+P=T