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We have been discussing the roller coaster ride that most people are on, hurry up and green the lawn up, spend a lot on water, suffer summer heat, exhaustion, blowing out the irrigation, suffering winter kill and beginning the entire process all over again the following year. Well, you can get out of that with our Biological program that reverses all of this insanity, but before you do you might need to get some lawn repair performed first. I am of the persuasion that sodding should be done as a last resort. Rather, I like to heal up a lawn with seed if I can. Th e water is about the same and you can blend it in rather than having a Frankenstein patch quilt look of sod. Here is what you need to know about seeding a lawn from seed if you are in the crosshairs of CSU. You will have to pull a permit if you are overseeding a lawn, but if you are starting from bare dirt you are going to have to pull a soil test. This is really a good idea but there is a hidden agenda. If you get the soil report back (from their recommended labs no less) and it comes back LESS than 3% organic matter, ie. CARBON, you will be forced to amend the soil to the rate of 4 cubic yards of soil, from a predetermined source, per 1000 square feet, which is again a really good idea but the bigger the lawn, the bigger the cost and discouragement is the goal. The 3% content is a really good idea but it is arbitrary as most lawns in Colorado Springs are only about 2-2.5%. There is a way out! You can boost the amount of carbon without breaking the bank. It involves a cheaper process and given that our biological program is aiming for 5%, it is right in line with our goal to begin with. Also, we can show you how to trim, 20-50% off of your water budget to boot! You need to call us so we can show you our process and save you some money. For more information read here:


The “Formula” of what you are Losing C+W(30%)+A+P=T