Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

As you might have picked up from our blogs, we went to a biological system this year dropping the synthetic model. After much struggle through the years, hanging on has paid off The soils are better, the grass is looking better and our customers are happier. Biology is a process it is not an event. As we are working with living things, there is a cycle to their life. There is so much we have to learn but here is what we have learned and accomplished this year:

  • We can increase the amount of water a soil can hold but increasing the carbon content.
  • We can increase soil porosity of the soil by increasing the biology in the soil, allowing us to water deeper and less frequently.
  • We can cycle nutrients from the soil using biology and we can perform this faster by frontloading the biology in the soil, allowing us to compete with synthetics.
  • We can significantly lower weed infiltration by allowing the proper nutrients to be absorbed naturally into the soil and into the plant via microbiology.
  • We can grab nitrogen from the sky and turn it into free fertilizer.
  • We can have lawns green up sooner and stay green longer as the nutrients barriers are lowered and uptake increases.
  • Ph is very important and with our arid, alkaline soils lowering the pH is critical as it allows the microbes and the nutrients to cycle properly.

WE are very excited to offer this solution to our customers. We will soon be offering a program for DIYers as we will be able to teach people remotely how to do what we do. We would love to speak to you about what we can offer you. Give us a call!