Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Plants and soil should be viewed as one, not separate components. There should be a relationship between the root of a plant and the soil via the microbiology in the soil. This relationship has been destroyed by the use of synthetic fertilizers and has made the grass dependent on human intervention of fertilization as it can no longer get the required nutrients from the soil. This utilization has also led to the soil’s inability to sore nutrients and hold water. This lack of  microbial activity has also led to soil compaction, thick thatch, high water bills, disease, etc. Because of this we have decided to break away from conventional wisdom and go to a biological system that reestablishes this relationship, making the soil independent and enabling natural cycles in the soil that will protect and fee the root of the turf. This means a healthier, less dependent, more water wise, more resilient and hardy tuf that will green up by itself and stay greener longer into the Fall. Now there is a solution, we can help. The lawn no longer needs to be a struggle.