Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

If you have been following, we are trying to build a community here to help people out of a lawn rut that they have been engaged with, exiting an old system and adopting a new one. This new system is the biological one. We are teaching our customers how to reestablish the relationship between the root and the soil, save water, use nitrogen out of the sky for free, lower weed infiltration, reduce instance of disease, lessen the impact of pet urine, increase hardiness, lengthen the time that the lawn is green, stabilize and regulate growth, create consistency in color and body, whew…See where we are going with this? The results are fantastic and they are even getting better! Next year we are putting something together that will allow us to project our products past the boundaries of El Paso County so we can help people that we will never be able to get to physically! This is next level stuff and we are just getting started! This is exciting and we are looking forward to a much much better future. Modern technology, A ton of studying and recent automated systems will allow us to completely change the face of having a lawn. We look forward to helping you on a very different level and we will also be catering to the DIY type that wants to get it done themselves. We can arm you with the truth, the science and the tools to get the lawn of your dreams! Stay tuned, much more to come! Next year is a new year but you don’t have to wait. Contact us to map out a battle plan that will outline:

  • Where you are
  • What is right and what is wrong with your soil.
  • What corrections you need to make
  • A proper watering schedule
  • What things will look like when you arrive and how to track and measure it! It is ALL measurable!

Call us today and we can quote you on a package that will meet the requirements to turn your lawn around and get you out of that rut you are in!