Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

I wanted to address a comment I recently received, not from a customer but from one of my own neighbors. One of my neighbors that lives down the street a few days ago stopped by while I was sprawled out on my lawn working on one of my new robotic mowers that I just received from Worx. I will post that picture above so you will know what I am talking about. He asked me if I could come aerate his lawn. I told him that we no longer use mechanical aerators as we have switched to a biological means of fertility (healthy soils have fungi that naturally aerate the soil). He had a perplexed look on his face so I elaborated. We use biology to naturally aerate the soil Mechanical aeration is used because synthetic fertilizers are destroying the microbiology that should be cycling nutrients into the plant. He then uttered a statement that is representative of the mindset of someone who has been a victim of synthetic fertilizers. He is about 80, so that means he was born about 10 years after people started using synthetic fertilizers. He said, ” I don’t like that “natural” stuff”. Let me explain this statement. What he is saying is that he has tried organic fertilizers and they were slow to act when he applied them. The nutrients work but he is missing a piece of the puzzle that no one has ever told him about and that is BIOLOGY! Most soils here are devoid of the microbial life that is necessary to cycle the nutrients into the plant root. What he is used to is synthetic fertilizers that use inorganic chemistry to force feed the plant the nutrients as there are no natural mechanisms to do this. He is in essence used to the “narcotic effect” of synthetic fertilizers which are really like using methamphetamines and steroids both of which work really fast but come with side effects. Those side effects of which are many include soil compaction which is the direct result of using synthetic fertilizers. Sounds crazy right? He was standing on the only green lawn on the block and was questioning my methods. I told him that I could explain but we have switched to a better system that actually saves a lot of money in resources because  the microbes are doing most of the work (hence the elimination of mechanical aeration). If the event of your lawn “greening up” is dependent on YOU making it green than there is a problem!

The picture above is the new mower but it is sitting on top of the lawn that has been solid green since the first part of April. Why? Because it has the proper nutrition, the right amount of hydration and healthy amount of biology in the soil to turn it green WITHOUT any early spring fertilization! If you want this for your lawn you need to know what we have mastered! Give us a call TODAY and learn what we can do for you. You need not continue to do things the hard way any longer…