Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Brian Beck

One of the most effective military tactics in history is Guerilla Warfare. This asymmetrical style of combat allows a smaller force to engage, harass, disrupt, confuse, wear down and defeat a stronger military unit. It is characterized by unconventional soldiers that are mobile, use surprise and sudden violence to chip away at their opponent. This has been used by the Greeks against the Persians, the Germans against the Romans, the Americans against the British and most recently by the Ukrainians fighting the Russians. Their success comes from the element of surprise and their minimal use of hardware. They are effective and if they exercise great patience they can achieve greater action than the larger force they are facing.

What does this has to do with mowing the grass? Well not a whole lot, but I am a little bit of a history buff and I am very grateful that we are no longer a British colony, as much as I love my English brothers. I am also intrigued how infantrymen can lay waste to hundreds of tanks with shoulder fired weapons. It makes you wonder why tanks are being used which leads me to my next point. It doesn’t take a large lawnmower to mow a lawn.

The lightweight, targeted aspect of the robots (they mow the tips of the grass and maintain an already mowed lawn), combined with their ability to mow at unconventional times (during the rain and at night) and their ability to operate autonomously, simultaneously in multiple locations will challenge the biggest lawn company. A team of ten people can sell, service and maintain a fleet of a few thousand mowers that are all working independently of one another leveraging time through omnipresence.

All is fair in love and war. I love grass. Welcome to the future…