Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Everyone talks about cost but they hardly ever talk about costs associated with effects or better known as side effects. Everyone wants a simple fast acting solution. We see it everyday on TV, a pill promising quick results without any pain (be sure to read the fine print). When we are speaking about cost we need to look at the entire equation because it is the true cost of an action and you are paying for it so you should be aware of it. What am I talking about? Side effects of synthetic fertilizer use. They are cheap and fast which is enticing and easy to be fooled. What is longer lasting, a dopamine high from the use of some blow or a serotonin level that leaves you with a long sense of well being because you are exercising, eating well and attending to you r mental and spiritual needs? Well this is the difference between the Synthetic world and the Biological world. The front end of synthetics is pretty cheap but there is a back end that is riddled with repair, high water bills, aeration, weeds, and disease. Once the relationship between the root and the soil gets established with biology. Biology solves all of the problems that you perceive as normal because there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what is normal and what seemingly “works”. We refer to this as the “Specter of Synthetics” . People are fight a battle that they don’t even realize they are waging. Water is the biggest resource that people pay attention to. We know that with an ET irrigation timer one can save 20-30% alone on their irrigation budget. When you bring a healthy soil into the equation that can hold more water this can easily surpass this figure. What we are speaking about is efficiency through function not disfunction. We want to help people and most people have their truck in the proverbial ditch, spinning their wheels, blowing out clutches every year. What we want to do is help people get out of the ditch with our tow truck and get you back on the road where you can actually get your proper fuel economy and enjoy the ride rather than languishing in the ditch. Let’s get you out of the ditch today!