Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Have you ever bought something like a tool or a kitchen appliance or something of the like that you were going to use to get something else done? You had a choice to get something that you know was a quality product but you bought the cheaper one because it was crazy cheaper than the other product. You got it home and it worked and got the job done, maybe even for a few years and then it broke. It should have lasted three times longer and you got ripped off. Well actually you fell prey to yourself not realizing the value of the more expensive product and now you have the dilemma of buying another one or getting the product that you dismissed as being more expensive but would have lasted much much longer with less problems. I have done this to myself several times when the specter of being a cheap ass raises it’s ugly head. You have yo push past this and recognize quality which is what we are speaking about here. Price is what you pay, quality is what you get and hiring a crappy service provider, product or the like will cost you a lot more in the end when things go wrong and you are left holding the phone looking for help. Don’t do it, don’t chase that Blue light special!