Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

In the search for better lawns we have been taught to use the one thing that works very well but has a dark side. I am speaking about synthetics. They are just like steroids and methamphetamines. They work really well which is why people tend to use them but they have side effects. These include: thicker thatch, high pH levels, compacted soil, low water carrying capacity, routine weed and disease issues. All of these can be directly traced back to the use of synthetic fertilizers and the destruction of the soil biology from the inherent salts that are present. There is a cost to this usage and you are paying for, probably without even realizing it!  All of this can be reversed. All of it can be corrected and all of it can be improved-drastically! The thick thatch can be digested back into the soil as nutrients, the pH can be corrected and managed by the microbes. The organic matter in the soil can be raised which is the energy for microbial life and can also improve the soils ability to hold water. You can begin to cycle nitrogen straight out of the air and the soil will begin to aerate itself, all as a result of biological activity! All of this saves time, money and aggravation. You need this. Your lawn desperately needs this. You need to call us and begin your own roadmap to lawn success.