Last Updated on September 13, 2022 by Brian Beck

In 2017 I hit a wall, so to speak. We had been operating under a system that was status quo and while I was able to excel under this paradigm, it was problematic as I could never seemingly really fix the problems that we were having and seeing in our customer’s lawns. It is almost like we were fighting un unseen force. I made a call to a very unlikely person that changed my outlook on what I was doing, forever. He was a Hemp farmer, more specifically an advocate. I spent over an hour speaking to him and while I really did not know what he was talking about he left me with one challenge. He said, “It doesn’t matter what you are growing, be sure and know your soil”. I began experimenting in 2018 with various materials that seemed to work but I did not understand why. I then discovered a Rancher that had the same outlook that led me to an entire community that stretches the planet of like minded people that use the power of the soil to make change in the communities and their farms. This is what I had been looking for all along. Although the community spanned very disparate areas they were all using the same language and it dawned on me that there was much more to soil and that it was universal. I discovered an entire universe of microbiology that were largely being ignored for the sake of speed and convenience. What I discovered I believe is what people have been looking for all along which really is just a solution to get them out of a struggle that they know they are in but cannot put their finger on. We call this solution Biological Regeneration. This is what everyone has ben looking for all along, a way out of a very troubled system.