Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Whether you have a postage stamp sized lawn, a typical suburban lawn, a custom estate, a sports field, an institution, a park or a sports field you have a problem and that is a lack of productivity because you have a labor issue and you cannot find a reliable source of labor to manage your landscape. What if I told you you could get this accomplished without having a person show up to do it? What if you could have that job done before you even got out of bed? Sound too good to be true? We have been testing one for you for the past five years on our own lawn and we are impressed. You see we are deeply entrenched in the turf maintenance industry as we have been in it for almost 30 years and this is the next evolution in mowing technology that will fill the void of the problems that exists today, lack of manpower, insurance liability, taxes, high energy, workman’s comp, weather delays, holidays, employee sickness, etc. You get the point, things just are not getting done and now we can get it done, without a fuss, before the sun rises, on a weekend the day after a holiday without breaking a sweat. You need this and we can solve this problem for you. Call us today for some free information that will enlighten you to the modern concept of mowing automation: