Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Every year I see people fall into the same tar trap. It is short term thinking and lack of follow through at it’s best, let me elaborate. People turn off their irrigation around mid October because their irrigation system will freeze this time of year (we have a method to keep them on for another two months without damage). This is a very venerable time for the lawns as this is primetime for root development IF there is adequate hydration. This is actually mistake #2, mistake #1 is shallow watering during the heat of the summer which has developed a shallow root structure. Lawns are not lost during the summer, they are set up for failure during the summer and die by neglect and extreme dry conditions in January and February, right when you are watching the Superbowl. During this time there is little thought of taking care of the lawn in regard to hydration. This is mistake #3. We then get the proverbial phone call several months later asking us if the brown spot in the middle of a green lawn will come back from the dead. the subsequent action is a lot of wasted money on catchup, repair and high water bills, usually several times the expense of just watering in the first place. The next mistake (#4) is not showing the same level of enthusiasm the entire year. Having a lawn is a 365 day endeavor. This doesn’t mean you will be mowing your lawn in January but it means getting out of the sprint that occurs in May and plateau around July the 4th. I actually have customers that feel like they have not achieved a goal, hit a target or made a window of opportunity in the fist couple of months of the season There are no deadlines in nature and much of this “rush” is from a synthetic mindset from having to use chemicals on your lawn because it is hopelessly dependent from being sterilized over the past several decades.  I mean, it’s not my money but you see my frustration right? The 5th mistake is using synthetic chemicals which kill off soil microbiology and cause a laundry list of side effects that make lawn care significantly more expensive than it needs to be with higher maintenance costs.

September is by far the most important month out of the entire year as it begins the cycle of health as does it begin the cycle of failure. You can get out of it and if you follow our plan we can show you how. This revolves around three major concepts: adequate hydration, healthy highly organic soil, and automated mowing. This is the essence of what we are calling the unified theory on horticulturally appropriate turf management. It is both efficient and sustainable. You don’t have to fall into the tar trap. Lawn care need not be hard.

We have a plan that will remove you from this tar trap and lessen the expense of your lawn. Will you engage us?