Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

There is something to be said about action. There is no better time than now. Actually there is no other time as now. Yesterday and tomorrow do not exist and never will. Ok, so much for the deep philosophical talk, here is what I am driving at. I see this happen every year and it really annoys me because I see so much collateral damage cause by misinformation, procrastination, indecision and general laziness. Timing is really important and most people start too late and lose the initiative on the next season of opportunity and never really get a foothold. It is almost like everyone has been taught to tie their shoes together and then try to run a 40 yard dash. Right now is probably one of the most foundational times of the year. As the soil cools down to about 55-65 degrees the roots begin to develop and grow, really fast in preparation of next year, that is if there is water and available resources. Most people simply quit watering their landscapes in some attempt to “end the season”. What this does is set the predictable course for failure in the following spring. In reality most people probably spend 30-50% more in water alone just in playing catchup in the spring. When a healthy lawn will green up on it’s own in early APRIL if it is probably hydrated, most are hammered with resources and a LOT of wasted money in some kind of sprint. This is unnatural and is giving lawns a bad rap. Unless you like burning flat Benjamins in your BBQ grill in the back yard please reconsider timing and initiative. It saves YOU a LOT of money!