Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

There is a war going on for the soul of your lawn. Sound a bit dramatic? Listen up then.

Global restrictions on Fertilizer, China has halted Phosphate fertilizers so they can produce rice, Russia has had disruptions getting Potash out because of the conflict in Ukraine, Companies in Europe are stopping their production of Nitrogen fertilizers. Sounds like a good time to get off of synthetic fertilizers! Let us show you how and how you can stop destroying Carbon loss in your soil using synthetics and begin to increase Water Carrying Capacity (goes up (doubles) for every 1% you increase). Synthetics are costing you big and you have no idea how. One of our products that were using this year that was made from food scraps was produced as a sustainable source of elements used as a fertilizer product that is organic and microbe friendly. This product was not only bought out but the facility that produces it has been shut down all in the name of shareholder supremacy. Hey, I’m as much as a Capitalist as the next guy but this is not good. As the price of synthetic fertilizer skyrockets agriculture is affected as well are the farmers, and you! This is a good time to abandon synthetics and trend towards biology to preserve sustainability as well as our resources and our healthy food supply. I’m sure you have heard of the farmers that did not plant this year because they could not afford the cost to fertilize. This is due to a dependent system of synthetics and if you are not aware you are probably falling prey to it. No, we don’t eat our turf but we unnecessarily spend money on wasted resources that you do use to buy food! Be informed and get off of the synthetic bandwagon!