Last Updated on October 22, 2022 by Brian Beck

I have been dealing with a customer this year who is more of a friend than a customer but he is still paying for the service. The lawn was just not responding like I wanted it to. We were doing everything required but it really had not progressed in the last 4 months. While there were some extenuating circumstances the lawn was really, well, kinda flat. Now before you haters chime in with your preconceived notions of bro science, let me start by saying that this is the first year that we pulled synthetic fertilizers out of our program. Now I knew that there would be a disconnect as with synthetics there is no relationship between the root and the soil as the microbiology has been tortured to death and with synthetics as brilliant as the chemistry, using an Oxygen molecule to attach to the fertilizer molecule of the various forms of nitrogen delivery, when you eliminate this act there is no way to nutrients into the plant as it is,  well for lack of a better word, stuck.  Now for those who were wishing this was validation, I’m sorry but you are still paying the Piper (see previous Blog) with unnecessary back end work. There was a solution that was presented to me by one of the people that is one of my mentors as I find my way out of the synthetic forest and see the light. He told me as I was frustrated that there was a fix. You see with an organic, or as I like to call it, regenerative biological system you can load an entire year, or two years worth of biology to reestablish this missing connection and begin to transfer the of nutrients from the soil to the plant and begin the cycle of biology. Pretty cool huh? So the reality is not just that it works but biology can take synthetics to the woodshed, like all the time and all without the side effects. You really need to call us because we are nailing this thing down and we are delivering. It is really cool!