Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by ILGM Ninjas

Right now is where people set the stage for the upcoming spring. All of the work to get the lawn hopefully into a better shape will lead to an even better one next spring IF you don’t stop right now. Let me explain. Right now is when the lawn can be severely damaged if you stop watering, especially when it is in the70’s or even the 60’s. The roots can only take so much. But what about a freeze you ask? Well good question. I don’t foresee that happening any time soon but you always need to be prepared. So right now there are two strategies you can implement. You can drain the backflow ahead of a known freeze or you can automate this process a bit longer (until early December last year if you use our method). Here they are for simplification:

The drain method: Turn off the water inside the house leading to the irrigation, drain inside. Go outside and drain the manifold if you have a drain, turn all of the ball valves and test cocks to a 45° . Here is a video of another company that is in another state but I like to send it out to our customers as it was done so well. Once you blow out your system you can turn the clock off but you will want to water at least once per week or twice when the highs are above 60°, especially above 70°, like it was last year all through October without a freeze. Here is is:

The Weather Bender Method is our preferred method as it gives you the ability to keep your system on, worry free and keep the grass hydrated through the transition into dormancy. You can read about the Weather Bender here if you missed our last letter: This will assist you this Fall and enable you to turn on the system earlier next spring to keep you ahead of the game.


Let us know if you need any help. We are working to keep your lawn out of stress and save you a ton of money!