We typically have to mow every four days to keep up during fast-growing season. Typical lawn service only comes once per week if you are lucky. With a bot on your lawn, you can have it mow all week long. Rain or shine. Day or night.

Starting at $19 per week. Lease a Robotic Lawn Mower for the season, or add trimming and edging from a pro for a few bucks more. The difference? No waiting on the weather, and no looking at a messy lawn.

We hand-pick our mowers based on hundreds of hours of research and testing. We're here to help. Call or contact us at the form below.

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Robot lawn mowers look really cool zipping up and down your lawn. They scream technology of the future. And owning one is surely a great conversation topic at parties. But here’s the million-dollar question: can you actually rely on them to do a good job on your lawn?

After years of researching the best robotic lawn mower brands and models, we can confidently say that the right robotic lawn mower can do a much better job than a traditional lawn mower. They are built with technology that helps them handle the most challenging lawn terrains, and they help contribute to the health of the grass. 

If you care about the health and appearance of your lawn, getting a robotic lawn mower is a great move. Here’s why an autonomous mower may be right for you, so you can get lawn mowing down to a science.


One unit, one property. All season. Gone are the days of "once every two weeks, weather permitting."


So light and quiet, they run day or night, Rain or shine. Keeping your lawn like a carpet season-long


Competitively priced to regular lawn service, with an option to buy at a discount after each full season.


We only need to visit once every two weeks for edging and trimming.

Pro Installation

We bury a professional grade perimeter wire exactly where the mower should cover.


and trimming. The perfect finishing touch for a perfectly manicured lawn.


Blades, updates and diagnostics as needed.

Winter Storage

We service the mowers, keep them warm, and get them ready for the new season.